Focus & Concentration

‘‘In the darkest night of all beings awakes to lighten the tranquil man. But what is a day to other beings is a night for the sage who sees.”

Lost your way? Thinking where shall I start from?Life is sometimes unpredictable but it is also the result of our actions. Sometimes we get trapped in the dark sight of our life. It can be because of our work environment, our surrounding or habits. We lose hope and faith because what we can see is only a dark room with no doors. We become anxious, distracted and ineffective. We want to change but couldn’t seem to break free from the behaviours that kept us locked into the same cycle. When we are increasingly overwhelmed with distractions flying at us, we lose focus from ourselves! Stress feeds the brain. You avoid yourself! But even if it seems like everything is blocked there’s always a way for you. The only thing to do, to get back on the track is to focus and concentrate.

Focus is how we direct our attention.

Concentration is keeping our attention there. They are both different properties of attention.


Focus is the gateway to all thinking: learning, perception, memory, reasoning and decision making. Without good focus, all aspects of our ability to think will suffer. Focus and concentration are difficult to master. Controlling your thoughts is like exercising a much higher level of control over every aspect of life.


So how do we get over this?

There are six exercises that can help to strengthen our attention.

  1. Avoid multitasking– We can’t focus on two tasks at a time-the thought keep changing rapidly. By focusing on one thing at a time, we can concentrate deeply on the task, think more creatively and can complete it faster than usual.
  1. Divide your work– Break a larger project/task into smaller projects or milestones just like an ant does while carrying its food away! Ants are driven by purpose; they never lose their focus. If you have ever seen more than two ants together carrying a large load, they surround each other and assist along side in the most focused way. Small but tough!
  1. Eliminate distractions– We are surrounded by distractions. Be it a person, social media notifications, text messages, emails, phone calls that end up eating a good portion of our time. Distraction diverts the attention of an individual from the desired area of focus thereby blocking them of desired information. Distraction is generally caused when there’s a lack of interest in the object of attention. When we allow distractions to wobble us away from ourselves, our intuition starts to fade and our focus dulls. Sometimes all these can be very strenuous. If you feel exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally or even digitally, take a break!
  1. Treat yourself! – Take some time to meditate, fill up your “to-do list” and start on it! Replace regrets with dreams.
  1. Take a complete-tech free hour– Plan unproductive downtime by taking a walk alone or with your pet. Release your emotions.
  1. Practice mindfulness– Mindfulness is simply focusing completely on a task we are doing, observing all the physical and emotional sensations we are experiencing in that moment. This can help us to push back distractions as they arise.

“Surveys show the average person loses an hour a day to

disorganization,” says Lisa Zaslow, a professional organizer in Manhattan. “It takes much less time to get and stay organized. Think about how frantic and stressed you are when you can’t find something.”


“If you have a goal to learn and understand as much about the world as you possibly can before you die, strengthening your power of concentration is not an option, it’s a necessity”

Your mind can be your best friend as long as you can control it or else it can turn out to be the greatest enemy.


“Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle.”

Always remember your focus determines your reality. We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. When we are willing to achieve something, success is created!


Modernity has given us a lot of comforts and conveniences, but it has also made us puppets of this materialistic world. To live a truly flourishing life, mastering your attention is key.


At the end of our life, who we have become, what we have learned and accomplished, and who’s there at the end with us, will be the sum total of what we chose to pay attention to each year, day, and hour of our life.



You’ll be amazed how much your life can improve just by paying attention to your attention! Forget what is behind and move ahead.


“Arise, slay the enemies, enjoy a prosperous kingdom”