How to Control a Worrying Mind During Difficult Time

Your examination results would be out in a week and you are worried about the percentage.You have completed your graduation and worried about the job opportunities.You are going to attend an interview and extra worried about how the session would go.You are waiting for your promotion and worrying.Your kids first day in school, your next promotion, your presentation to an international client, your child going to college, your aging parents, and the list goes on. Worry, worry and worry never ends Worries are pests that never waste a chance to chase and pin you down.We, humans, are vulnerable to anxiety, frustration, worries, and depression. However, there are umpteen ways present before us to prevent all these from grabbing us. Staying emotionally strong does not demand much effort.Here is an attempt to unearth all such ways that help you attain a peaceful mind.

1.Try Something New

Instead of wasting time worrying about things that are not under our control, invest the time to learn something new. Make attempts to do something that you have never tried before. Say, for example, go for swimming, badminton, gymnastics or other sports that keep you busy and active always.If you are interested in arts, go for writing, reading, singing, painting and so on that keeps you engaged always.Or else, go for cooking and cleaning your house. Help your mom and find happiness in her company.

2.Worrying is Not Going to Help You

If you are worried about an output of which you have performed, assure yourself that you can undo your performance and improve it. You can just hope for the best and prepare for the next endeavor.

3.Plan a Tight Schedule

Set a timetable for your daily chores, if it means nothing less than folding your clothes. This helps you to acknowledge yourself that you have got a lot to do and you have several activities to be accomplished.  Don’t forget to reserve some time for worrying. According to psychologists, this is a very clever tactic to eliminate worries.

4.Practice Yoga /physical activity

This relieves your kind of all the concerns that bog you down and also imparts the determination to face the anomalies that come your way.If you stay healthy, your mind also stays healthy. So never let your health condition go worse. It sickens the mind and invites more worries. Over worried persons tend to lose their weight, lose their hair, feel averse to the world and people around them etc: Understand that worries are not good hosts.

5.Observe and Speculate

Observe the world around you. A thoughtful and keen mind sees things that normal people would not see. Of you spend some time to reflect on the things that go unnoticed and try to uncover the mysteries that govern the world, it enhances your critical thinking ability. It is also instrumental in widening your wisdom.Maybe you see a man in dire poverty and how he manages to make both ends meet by laboring under the hot sun. You sympathize with the man and put yourself in his shoes. This helps you to realize how blessed and lucky you are. This propels you to stop worrying about your own life.

6.Calm Your Mind and Fret Not About Anything

Always watch all the positive sides of a situation rather than making complaints and blaming the situation.  Because worrying is not going to make things better. It can only make things worse. It deadens your liveliness and happiness. So stop worrying. Welcome, all the worries with a smile and gradually sweeten it with your will.Next time you encounter a worry, consider it a chance for you to bury it.


Maryam Salim