How to Move to Next Level?

Life is a journey to success. There is no break in between. Those who prefer to rest over the work will reach nowhere. And at this moment if you are confused, what to do next, means you are moving 😊Here is how you can keep going towards your goal.

Have an analysis of yourself
Know where you stand and find out your plus points and minuses. It is only after you have a thorough analysis of yourself, can you decide what to do next in life.
Know your taste
Different people have different likes. Some may be inclined to sports, some to arts, some to politics and so on. Only if you invest time to grow within your desired field, will you be happy. Trying to fit into a space that chokes you makes your life miserable. This is what happens when parents push their children to do something that they do not like to.
Have a plan
A well laid out plan is the foundation of happiness. If you don’t have a plan and idea where to go and how to go, you will be led to distress.It is not just necessary to have a plan, you have to work accordingly. Make a checklist and congratulate yourself once you complete the tasks.
Once you have figured out your path

Once you get an idea of what to do next,  nothing should drag your feet and let you sit idle. Now you know what you need to do, start working and study your progress.

Let me give you a simple example :

For a crawling baby, his goal is to start walking. To reach his goals he needs parents as a coach/mentor, who empowers him so that he reaches his goal. This coach becomes part of his team and he/she keeps empowering and motivating this baby to reach his goal. Once the baby masters this ability, he looks forward to running. He again takes the help of his coach and learns new skills and masters these skills.Likewise, our life is a constant struggle to master something. Once you get a job and become well settled it is not the end of the story as you see in films. Rather, it is the beginning of a new episode in your life.You are always traversing paths unexplored. To make your struggles sweeter, keep working on yourself.Human beings have immense potential within themselves. You only have to unearth it and give it an impetus to gleam. Each and every one of us is born with innate talents. Of course, there are some that can be acquired through practice. All these talents deserve to be utilized.Your talents would never expire in your lifetime. It can be put to use until your death. They can be manipulated according to your goals and enhance the chapters of your life.Always aim high.If you are confused about how to take the next steps in your life or career, talk to our expert coach now.


Maryam Salim