Time Management

15 Time management strategies to skyrocket your productivity

“Time is like money. Without being managed properly, how do you know where it’s going?”  – Benjamin Franklin. Time management is not a   single stand-alone subject or theory. It is related to lot of other subjects like   productivity, work-life balance, avoiding burnout, building good habits, and setting goals. And this post is focused on the best practices in scheduling, prioritizing, and time management strategies that we’ve learned from super successful people.

15 Time management strategies to skyrocket your productivity:

Understand how you are spending your time

  1. Discover your own “WHY” to effectively manage your time and life
  2. Be realistic about your goals and actions
  3. Track which activities you are wasting your time
  4. Set daily goals and track the results
  5. Create a morning ritual that gives you energy and focus throughout the day

Prioritize your priorities

  1. Understand the difference between the urgent and important
  2. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize…if you can’t prioritize something, delegate it or better abandon it. (it doesn’t worth your time and focus)
  3. Learn to say “NO”. (Don’t be apologetic about saying “NO”)

Set up an efficient daily schedule

  1. Set schedules and deadlines (Sometimes deadlines work very well to get the things done on time)
  2. Create Yearly, Half Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans
  3. Be clear about the goals you want to achieve at the end of each period
  4. Spend some time to plan your week on Sunday
  5. Before going to sleep review your day and plan the next day
  6. Group similar activities together
  7. Use Pomodoro Technique to focus on the task at your hand

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