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Startup Branding

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Brand Creation and Recall

Creating a sticky brand that customers love

Learn brand creation in startup budgets


When you are launching your product / service in the market, how will you create a name that your prospective customers will remember and recall? How will you ensure that the customers recall your name in the moment of truth? Without wasting time, your startup will stream resources to ensure an impactful brand creation and recall as an essential part of the sales / marketing strategy. In this workshop, you will learn the practical methods to launch and sustain a brand for your startup. The speaker brings 42+ years of relentless passion, experience of building 2 businesses from scratch at times when most of us were not even born. Yet he brings the most insightful and time relevant approaches for you to just go back and apply.


JiyoFullest Office,Hsr Layout,Bangalore


Branding Strategies for Startups


Saturday, 14th March | Time: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

  • Understanding your target market
  • Relating marketing and branding
  • What creates a brand and recall
  • Emotions and behaviorial factors
  • Story telling
  • Moment of truth brand recall
  • Visuals, colours, image and purpose
  • Becoming memorable
  • Maximising visibility


Ravi Challu,Founder, Bulletproof Your Startup


42+ Years of deep expertise on setting up large businesses from scratch. Managed P&L, Sales and Marketing for Large global corporations, SME  having annual sales 1000 Cr and Startups running sustainably now. IIT-Kanpur 1975. Strategy and Sales Approaches, Innovations in Marketing are his strength.



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