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Whatever you focus, grows!

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Date:Sunday, 10th May | Time: 4:00 PM-7:00 PM

Venue: Online Webinar.



Focus on what you must!

In the chaos, learn to focus on what you want to grow.

Reframe your focus, shift to the “must”

You are navigating through Immense chaos all around. The new normal due to the ongoing global situation has brought more worry.

In the pursuit to manage life situations, managing the most critical things around needs laser sharp focus. Reframing your focus can shift your energies, emotions and outcomes.

Today, as you try to manage everything that you can; self, profession, health, wealth, family, society and life also. Despite this pursuit to “manage” everything around you with perfection, your life has become complicated and out of under your control.

This special workshop will help you to take the much needed pause and think what exactly are you managing. Can you reframe what you manage and focus on the really needed elements?


Online Webinar


Reframe your focus on what you want to grow!


Sunday, May 10 | Time: 4:00PM – 7:00PM

Theme of the discussion

  • Identify what you are actually managing
  • Decide what you must manage
  • Why do you need to reframe your focus?
  • Manage your passion not stress
  • Manage your energy not time
  • Manage purpose not conflict
  • Manage your asset  not debt
  • Manage love and compassion, not anger
  • Learn approaches to reframe critical aspects
  • Methods to focus time and energy on critical aspects of life
  • Build inner alignment between conscious and subconcsious
  • Focus on desired outcome
Whatever you focus, only that will grow. Manage what you must.
Reframe your focus. Learn how to make this work for you!

And guess what!



Paritosh Sharan, Founder & CEO of Transhuman Consulting

He is a Certified Executive & Life Coach, Leadership and OD Facilitator, Master Practitioner, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.He is the go-to coach for top executives and professionals when they aspire to break the glass ceiling, when they deal with complex situations of business and profession, when personal purpose is desired to be sharpened, when they want to create excellent personal and professional growth together, when they want to grow beyond their own imagination.

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