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Heart and mind of a successful entrepreneur

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FREE, Live, interactive, online session

Date: Friday, 05 June | Time: 9:00PM – 10:30PM (IST)

Language: English

Venue: Online Webinar.



Success for an entrepreneur does not come by chance!

There is a beautiful heart and mind toiling behind the scenes

What’s inside their heart and mind?

Success as it is perceived is when the outcomes are visible. The extra-ordinary mind and beautiful heart that made the success possible, rarely gets exposed. Be it personal or professional, entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging endeavours where even the ideas are a hypothesis. Every step, every decision, every day of driving the self through the deepest of pains and sacrifices is borne solely by the entrepreneur.

Welcome to the world of the heroes, whether you know them or not. Let us delve into the mysterious depths of the heart and mind of these entrepreneurs in this unique session.


Online Webinar


Heart and mind of successful entrepreneurs


Friday, June 05,Time: 9:00PM – 10:30PM

Online, interactive session.

Uncovering the interesting agenda

  • Why do entrepreneurs do what they do?
  • What drives to risk so much towards a hazy goal?
  • How do entrepreneurs wade through all the challenges?
  • Do they have a special mind that sets them apart?
  • What does their heart beat for daily?
  • Are they as emotional as others?
  • A beautiful mind and a heart behind the scenes
  • Is success driven by heart and mind of these entrepreneurs who have made it?
We know what successful entrepreneurs accomplish was not easy. They go through challenges that are sometimes unimaginable to us. But they survived and made their way through all the tough roadblocks. They did not succumb. What kind of a heart and mind helped them achieve success?
Learn these deep intricacies and capabilities that is hidden with you also.

For your benefit


Master Coach for the session

Paritosh Sharan, Founder & CEO of Transhuman Consulting

He is an executive and life coach, leadership and OD facilitator, master practitioner, trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

He is the go-to coach for top executives and professionals when they aspire to break the glass ceiling, when they deal with complex situations of business and profession, when personal purpose is desired to be sharpened, when they want to create excellent personal and professional growth together, when they want to grow beyond their own imagination.


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