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Reinvent Yourself – Deep Dive

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Date: Sunday, 05 July | Time: 3:00PM – 5:00PM (IST)

Language: English

Venue: Online Webinar.


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Reinvent yourself, not just change.

Reinventing and tune towards the journey ahead

Reinventing yourself

Its tougher than it sounds. It’s not about now or then.

You may have been reinventing yourself many times over, in increments; like when you went to stay in hostel or the first job / business exposure, away from home confines.

Now, it is about transformational re-invention, not in incremental changes. You feel you can do so much more, your desire to excel, your frustrations with the system around, your urge to become free from various shackles holding you back. It is time that we take a realistic look and be able to achieve the desired.

It is time to reinvent yourself


Online Webinar


Reinvent yourself – A Deep dive


Sunday, June 21,Time: 3:00PM – 5:00PM

Deep dive, online, interactive session.

Uncovering the interesting agenda

  • What does “reinvent yourself” mean?
  • Can reinventing self bring positive impact on professional growth?
  • Are there examples to visualise the affect of “reinventing self”?
  • How to become assured you are able to reinvent?
  • How radical are the changes or are they already in your experience?
  • Can reinventing be focussed to a certain aspect of life?
  • Will it take long to realise effects?
  • Why is this topic important at all if I am working hard already to achieve many things?
We know what success is like an iceberg. Every day you strive to achieve. To bring transformational growth, does your approach and you need to gear up. In this session, we want you to explore the possibilities and reason that must REINVENT YOURSELF TODAY.

For your benefit


Master Coach for the session

Paritosh Sharan, Founder & CEO of Transhuman Consulting

He is an executive and life coach, leadership and OD facilitator, master practitioner, trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

He is the go-to coach for top executives and professionals when they aspire to break the glass ceiling, when they deal with complex situations of business and profession, when personal purpose is desired to be sharpened, when they want to create excellent personal and professional growth together, when they want to grow beyond their own imagination.


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